Student Health Services
Rosmery Caminero-Richiez
SHAC Co-President

Hi! My name is Rosmery Caminero-Richiez and I am a senior Health Science Pre-Clinical major. I joined SHAC because I believe in the importance of educating students that a healthy lifestyle is one of the main keys for an excellent academic and life performance. As a member of SHAC, I hope to bring awareness to our students on all the different types of health related issues that our community is facing. My goal in life is to keep helping others and I believe that SHAC provides me with the opportunity to accomplish my goal.

Sahana Prabhudeva
SHAC Co-President

Hi my name is Sahana Prabhudeva and I am a senior here at UCF with a major in Biomedical Sciences. I have been with SHAC all four years and have enjoyed every minute. My hobbies include chilling at the beach, tennis and baking.

Emyli Peralta
SHAC Secretary & Chair – Smoke Free UCF Committee

Hey! My name is Emyli Peralta and I am a sophomore Health Sciences major with a minor in Leadership Studies. I am pursuing dentistry as a career and work in the Dental Center here on campus. I joined SHAC in order to promote oral health awareness and help educate UCF students about the importance of oral health in relationship to their overall systemic health.

Alexander Villanueva

My name is Alexander Villanueva, I'm a junior here at UCF. I am majoring in health science with aspirations to attend medical school. I'm the Vice President of the club baseball team. I also love playing intramural soccer and flag football.

Angela Clayborne

Hi! My name is Angela Clayborne, and I am a junior majoring in Health Sciences Pre-Clinical. I am from Raleigh, North Carolina. I enjoy spending time with friends and family, experimenting with new healthy recipes, and watching Netflix. I joined SHAC because I saw it as a great opportunity to have my voice heard, represent the student body, and help educate my peers about common health issues and concerns. SHAC is also a great way to get involved on campus while focusing on health. As a member of SHAC, I strive to spread awareness of health related issues to my peers, and do all I can to accurately and efficiently represent the student body.

Carlos Crespo
Chair – Sexual Health Committee

Hello. My name is Carlos Crespo and I am a senior majoring in Health Sciences. I joined SHAC because I want to help raise awareness regarding college health. The decisions that we make now regarding our health will impact our quality of life years down the road.

Emily Simpson

Hello! My name is Emily Simpson and I'm a senior biomedical sciences/psychology student. I joined SHAC to be directly involved in student healthcare, which I haven't yet had the opportunity to do! I am specifically interested in pursuing a career in neurological communication disorders, and working with special needs individuals. At UCF I am also the Assistant Student Director for Volunteer UCF and a Justice with SGA.

Francesca Castro
Chair - Blood Drives Committee

My name is Francesca Castro and my major is Biomedical Sciences with a minor in Fitness Training and Health Science. Along with SHAC, I am also a member of Pre-Med AMSA and YWLP. I have a passion for healthy living and fitness. As a member of SHAC, I hope to spread awareness of all the services the UCF Health Center provides, as well as shine light on important issues.

Greta Apostoli

My name is Greta Apostoli, and I'm a senior majoring in Biomedical Science with a minor in Chemistry. I aspire to inform my peers at the University of Central Florida about health issues that pertain to college students around the U.S. By joining SHAC I am able to further enhance my career in the health field and help others learn more about health risks. My main focus is on tobacco smoking and my goal is to promote a one-hundred percent smoke free campus at UCF.

Maria Marquez

Hello, my name is Maria Marquez and I am a senior here at UCF majoring in biomedical sciences and French language. As a student and previous health center patient I experienced firsthand how important the services and programs provided by the health center are to overall student success. I wanted to get in involved with SHAC to make sure the student's needs are catered to and to help create a healthier community of knights.

Nicole Whiting

Hi everyone! My name is Nicole, I am a junior studying Health Sciences. I love to cook, play volleyball and watch Grey's Anatomy. My favorite courses at UCF so far have been Abnormal Psychology with Professor Azimi and Human Anatomy with Dr. Samsam. I love meeting new people and I hope to meet some of my fellow Knights in the future; and I look forward to helping you take advantage of all the perks Student Health Services has to offer!

Patrick Ziarnowski

My name is Patrick Ziarnowski, and I’m a senior majoring in biology. I’m also involved with the Student Conduct Board and a volunteer at Shepherd’s Hope. I joined SHAC because I believe everyone, especially college students, should take a preventative approach to their health, including exercise and healthy eating.

Priyankaben Patel
Chair – Tobacco Free Committee

Hello! My name is Pri Patel. I am a Health science pre-clinical major. The main reason I joined SHAC is to represent the student body and to get the students informed about all the services UCF student health services offer. I have been working with UCF student health services for over 8 months and have a great knowledge of the services we offer and all the free Health events. My main interest is to make the students aware about the dangers of smoking and how to keep the campus smoke free. Overall, as a member of SHAC, I want to help students be aware of the help they can receive and how to have a great healthy college experience.

Sean Farris

I am a health sciences pre-clinical major hoping to attend medical school and specialize in cardiothoracic surgery. In my free time, I volunteer at a summer camp for children with illnesses, a no cost medical clinic, as well as the local dog shelter. I am honored to be a part of SHAC and play a role in keeping UCF healthy.

Spoorthy Prabhudeva

Hi! My name is Spoorthy Prabhudeva and I am a member of the Student Health Advisory Committee. I am a senior in the Biomedical Sciences program. I have been with SHAC for four years now and I really enjoyed my time here! My hobbies include curling up with a good book, swimming, and hanging out with friends!